What is it?

Installing Incredibar on your computer will make the following changes:

- Setting Incredibar Search as your homepage on your default browser.

- Making Incredibar your default search engine.

- Adding Incredibar toolbar to your default browser .


Uninstall it

1.Go to the "Start Menu" -> Select "Control Panel" -> Click on "Add/Remove Programs".
Note: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 - Select "Control Panel" -> Click on "Uninstall a Program".

2. Search for Incredibar in the list -> Select the program -> Click on the "Remove" button.
Note: If you are using Windows Vista/7 - Click on "Uninstall" up near the top of that window.

3. Click on "Uninstall". Then restart your computer. Incredibar should be gone.

Incredibar Toolbar in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer -> Go to "Tools" -> Click on "Manage Add-ons".

2. Select "Toolbars and Extensions" -> Uninstall everything related to Incredibar.

Incredibar Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox -> Go to "Tools" -> Click on "Add-ons".

2. Select "Extension" -> Uninstall Incredibar extensions.

Incredibar Toolbar in Chrome

1.Open Chrome -> Go to "Tools".

2.Select "Extension" -> Uninstall Incredibar extensions.


Why is Free?

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Process Example: